Our group encompasses people from a very diverse background. We work on problems related to data-sciences and biological data-sets. Every biological event stems out as a result of more than one interacting omics layers like epigenome, transcriptome, etc.; also, the effect of a biological phenomenon ripple across such omics layers. Therefore, our group having people from computer science and life science background, believe in an integrated approach to answering the questions in biology. We utilize multi-omics data, preferably in combination to investigate interesting questions in biology. The statistical and computational approaches employed in our methods with the biological standpoint is allowing us to put biology in great perspective and to ask better questions. Our group specializes in single-cell genomics, functional genomics, cancer genomics, and clinical genomics. Our ultimate aim is to serve society, to save and maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity. Some of the most exciting things happen in our lab.

Selected Publications (of lab members:)


World's first search engine for single cell RNA-seq data.

First comprehensive study on H2BK20ac ( a new mark of enhancers)

H3K27ac is used as a general marker of active enhancers. However, based on enhancer assays, omics profiling, and analysis of public datasets, another acetylation mark, H2BK20ac, is found to be the best enhancer predictor.


A detection algorithm that identifies regulatory features in ChIP-seq, DNase-seq and FAIRE-seq data more accurately than assay-specific algorithms.